ECML/PKDD Summer School (EPSS19)

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    • If you have any questions concerning the application process, feel free to contact epss[at]


Deadline: 01.07.2019

  1. Choose a track (GEO, QoE, or HCI). See Tracks & Speakers for more information on the tracks
  2. Download the application template (right click + save as): download template
  3. Fill in the application including
    1. basic information as listed in the template
    2. your track choice
    3. answers to the questions related to the track you chose
    4. a motivation letter
  4. Upload your application to our event portal EasyChair
  5. We will decide on the applications as soon as possible (latest 04.07.2019) and let you know
  6. In the case of a positive decision, you will receive further information from us on how to finalize your registration

Track questions

In order to better organize group work, we ask you to answer the following questions specific to the summer school track you chose. Please only provide answers for ONE track.

  • GEO
    1. Which types of geo-spatial data you have been working with so far and which are you specifically interested in (e.g., satellite images, volunteered geographical information, sensor data, time series, …)?
    2. What experiences do you have with applying machine learning for in the context of geo-spatial data?
    3. What kind of geo-spatial study would you like to conduct?
    4. How could machine learning and data mining help you with your research?
  • QoE
    1. Do you have any experience with conducting and evaluating QoE studies?
    2. What kind of QoE study would you like to conduct?
    3. How could machine learning and data mining help you with your research?
  • HCI
    1. What aspects of the application of machine learning in HCI are you interested in?
    2. What experiences do you have with applying machine learning for digital media- and human behavior analysis and -generation, developing or using (real-time) interactive systems, and conducting user studies?
    3. How could machine learning help you with your research?
    4. How do you want to evaluate that your machinne learning approach is effective?

Motivation letter

The motivation letter should

  1. briefly summarize your current research (focusing on research related to this summer school) and
  2. specifically describe your motivation for participating in the EPSS19 Summer School.

The letter should not exceed 1000 words.


Deadline: 15.07.2019

The enrolment as a module student at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität (JMU) has many benefits such as an official certificate, ECTS points, and world-wide student discounts for a whole semester (more info below). Due to University regulations, international students are required to enrol as module students while German students may* enrol. Applicants will receive instructions concerning the concrete enrolment process with the notification of acceptance.


Module courses are one semester programmes that serve to acquire specific scientific or professional qualifications. As such they will have the following benefits:

  • Official certificate of completion of a specialization program at the JMU for your CV
  • 5 ECTS** credits that are eligible for crediting in other (european) programmes

*Except students who are already properly enrolled in one or more degree programmes at JMU.
**European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

Financial Support

The conference is pleased to offer partial financial support for international students participating in the summer school which is intended to cover the cost of enrolment. Only students who apply and are accepted for participation can be considered for financial support. The number and size of the offers of financial support are contingent upon the number of invited student participants.

Health Insurance

A valid health insurance is mandatory. Citizens of the European Union are covered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). International students from other contries may have to take out a private or statutory health insurance in Germany before or after arrival. See the official JMU webpages on health insurance for details.


Deadline: 26.07.2019

Applicants will receive instructions concerning the concrete registration process with the notification of acceptance. This mainly encompasses how to pay the registration fees.