Presentation Instructions

The ECML PKDD 2019 has a special setting: each conference paper is presented in both a talk and a poster.

Instruction for Talks (main conference)

You can find the time and place of your talk here. The time slots for the talks are 20 minutes. Please use at most 17 minutes for your presentation, so that there are a few minutes left for questions. Due to the full schedule of the conference, the time limit is fixed and will be strictly enforced by the session chair.

You can bring your presentation either on your own laptop (or other portable device with a VGA or HDMI port) or on a USB type A flash drive (for USB type-C, please bring an adapter). The native aspect ratio of the projectors is 16:10. A laser pointer is available.

You should be in the room at least 15 minutes before the start of your session. The session chair and a volunteer for technical support will be there as well. Please make sure to do the following: (1) approach the session chair, so that he/she knows you are there; (2) upload your talk on the laptop or test that your own device works with the projector and available cables.

Instruction for Poster Presentation (main conference)

The poster presentation is meant to allow a more in-depth discussion of your work. There are two poster sessions. All authors who give their talk on Tuesday or Wednesday are assigned to the poster session on Wednesday (in the New University). All authors who give their talk on Thursday are assigned to the poster session on Thursday (in the Residence Palace Wine Cellar).

The format for posters is A0 portrait (841 x 1189mm). You can hang up your poster about half an hour before the start of your poster session. Paper IDs will be posted on the poster boards and pins will be available.

Instruction for Workshop Presentation

The workshop organizers are responsible for the schedule of their workshops and they will provide instructions on their websites. Each conference room is equipped with a typical projector. We recommend that you bring your presentation on your own laptop (or other portable device with a VGA or HDMI port). The rooms are not equipped with a computer for the presentation. If your workshop plans a poster presentation you can prepare your poster in the format A0 portrait (841 x 1189mm) or smaller.

Instruction for Session Chairs (main conference)

Thanks again for chairing a session at ECML PKDD in Würzburg. Please find some important information about this below:

General info

Each room has a laptop. Speakers can choose to either upload their talk on this laptop, or to use their own device. In each room there will be a volunteer for technical support. We will provide signs to signal the remaining speaking time (5 min, 1 min, Stop) as well as a simple laser pointer.

Before your session

You should be in the room at least 15 minutes before the start of the session, so that you can make sure that for each paper: (1) a speaker is present; (2) you communicate with the speaker about the signs you use to signal how much time they have left and when they must stop; (3) the talk is uploaded or the speaker’s device has been tested to work with the projector and the available cables.

In case of missing speakers

If there is a paper without speaker, please check with the volunteer if one of the authors is present at the conference and can be contacted. If the speaker does not show up, please make sure that the starting times of the other talks remain as announced in the program. This is important since people may want to switch between sessions. So you can be more relaxed about the timing of the preceding talk and/or have a little break, but you should not move up the following talks.

During the session

It is very important to stick to the schedule. Each presenter has a 20 minute slot: 17 minutes for the talk and 3 minutes for short questions. This time for questions is only meant for clarifications and not for long discussions. For the latter, please point them to the poster session. If the audience does not have any questions, please try to ask a question yourself to get things going.

If you have any further questions, please contact info[at]