Our room contingents are booked out. Typical Hotel booking platforms still offer rooms in the broader Würzburg area.

We made reservations in more than 20 hotels at special rates for participants. To simplify the booking process, we divided the accommodations into the following price and location categories:

Graphic: Price and Location classes

The link to our list of special rates will be made available in the registration confirmation mail. Please read instructions carefully and book a hotel on your own responsibility.

We offer special rates in the following categories:

Price Location Description
A I premium hotels with numerous amenities located within the historic city center
P premium hotels with numerous amenities in direct walking distance to the city center
B I comfortable room with air-conditioning and a safety deposit box within the city center
P mid-priced hotels with a nice view, just a short bus ride away from city center
O premium hotels located further away from the city center (requires a car or bus ride to get to the venues)
C P budget-friendly accomodation within bus ride or walking distance to city center
O cheaper-priced accomodations due to their location outside the city center (requires a car or bus ride to get to the venues)