Frequently Asked Questions

For the research track:

  • Here are the best DM papers from the last two years:
    • “Anytime Subgroup Discovery in Numerical Domains with Guarantees”, Aimene Belfodil, Adnene Belfodil and Mehdi Kaytoue
    • “Learning and Scaling Directed Networks via Graph Embedding”, Mikhail Drobyshevskiy, Anton Korshunov, Denis Turdakov
  • Here are the best ML papers from the last two years:
    • “Hyperparameter Learning for Conditional Mean Embeddings with Rademacher Complexity Bounds”, Kelvin Hsu, Richard Nock, and Fabio Ramos
    • “Arbitrated Ensemble for Time Series Forecasting”, Vitor Cerqueira, Luis Torgo, Fábio Pinto, Carlos Soares

For the applied data science track:

  • Papers with application on UCI datasets without any new problem setting won’t be accepted.